1. Dorothy DePaolo
(Bees in the Blossoms , colored pencil by Dorothy DePaolo, 2010)

 Some years after graduating from nursing school, Dorothy DePaolo received art training through the Colorado Institute of Art, from which she graduated with graphic design as her major. Art has always been her passion. She marvels in the design, attention to detail and variety of media and techniques used in botanical illustration. She wants to develop her techniques in design and depth, and though her current media is colored pencil she’s interested in learning watercolor, graphite and pen and ink techniques. It is hard to find a more suitable program than the Botanical Art and Illustration Certificate program at Denver Botanic Gardens.
Dorothy DePaolo is an active member of the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists and the American Association of Botanical Artists. She is also very active in the Colorado Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America. 
(Hemp, colored pencil by Dorothy DePaolo, 2010)

2. Laurence Martin-Pierson

(Mother of God and Child, Egg tempera and gold by Laurence Martin-Pierson, 2009)

Laurence Martin-Pierson was born in France and graduated in International Relations from I.L.E.R.I (Institut Libre d'Etudes des Relations Internationales) in Paris. In addition to her professional life, she is also trained in illumination, calligraphy and iconography, and moved very recently from Europe to Denver.  She has been painting Byzantine-style icons for 18 years and uses egg tempera as her primary media, which she combines with the traditional gilding techniques. 
Ms. Martin-Pierson prefers attentive observation and faithful reproduction, which makes botanical illustration a perfect pathway to further develop her artistic skills. 
(The Flight to Egypt, Egg tempera and gold by Laurence Martin-Pierson, 2009)


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